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ATLASense Biomed

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ATLASense Biomed


Decision Support Systems, Remote Monitoring, Wearables & IOT

Therapeutic Areas

Cardiovascular, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary

Company Status

Clinical Trials

ICU-grade Remote Patient Monitoring and earliest prediction for better preventive-care

Like the smartphone, which revolutionized the way we are communicating, ATLASense is proud to present the PolyMonitor, a chest-worn multipurpose platform device that is the game changer for medical monitoring and brings ICU-level health surveillance to home. Based on one device, doctors and healthcare providers will be able to use various clinical monitoring and diagnostic applications for different diseases to provide much better care and save the significant cost of care. ATLASense is the only one in the world that develops already-proven solutions to provide healthcare providers with the earliest possible prediction of respiratory failure allowing effective preventive care!

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