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Artificial Intelligence, Remote Monitoring, Telemedicine Solutions

Therapeutic Areas

Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Primary Care

Company Status

Revenue Growth

7 FDA Cleared Vitals - Biobeat is the future of RPM

Biobeat’s remote patient monitoring health-AI platform includes a wearable monitor which utilizes a photoplethysmography-based (PPG) sensor to continuously provide accurate patient readings of 13 health parameters, including cuffless blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, and more. Aggregated patient health data is viewed by medical staff via Biobeat’s secure cloud-based patient management platform, which utilizes a real-time early warning score system that incorporates advanced AI-based algorithms to provide alerts on patient health status and potential deterioration. Biobeat’s wearable devices are the first devices to be FDA-Cleared for cuffless non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and are also CE Mark certified.

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