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Remote Monitoring, Telemedicine Solutions, Wearables & IOT

Therapeutic Areas

Geriatrics, General Health, Urology

Company Status

Proof of Concept

DigiSense transforms any kind of diaper into an interactive diaper that gathers data and analyzes it through a device attached to the diaper and presents the data to the end-user remotely

DigiSense wearable technology device measures key parameters without touching the skin or body fluids, with a sensor attached externally to ALL types of mass-market diapers and on cloth diapers. It monitors and alerts for: Urine flow, Urine hue, Bowel movement, Flatulence, Bedsores, Falling, Ambient temperature, Respiratory rate, Sleeping quality and motion. No other product today can offer the capabilities and indicators to the elderly and baby's well-being and their care takers peace of mind. DigiSense invented the world’s first unified technology and platform with high reliability and low production cost along with strong IP rights that will enable to monitor vital information, in real time, by multiple users in home environment, hospitals and nursing homes.

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