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EchoCare Technologies

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EchoCare Technologies


Artificial Intelligence, Personal Health Assistant, Remote Monitoring

Therapeutic Areas

Geriatrics, General Health, Respiratory

Company Status


EchoCare offers a non-wearable home monitoring system for seniors the live independently at their home

EchoCare offers a remote wellness monitoring system for seniors who live independently at home or assisted living facilities. The non-wearable, non-invasive system tracks the daily activities (ADL) to indicate on a significate deviation that might increase the risk for acute situations such as falls or health deterioration. It also detects acute situations, such as falling, respiratory distress and other abnormal situations that need an early intervention. The proprietary radar-based system with its enhanced AI/ML engines is connected to the cloud to enable remote access to the dashboard, mobile application and connectivity to third-party systems. EchoCare partners with remote patient and senior care service providers to offer superior monitoring capabilities, promoting the benefits of homecare without privacy invasion.

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