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Diagnostics,Remote Monitoirng, Telemedicine Solutions

Therapeutic Areas

Primary Care, Pulmonary, Respiratory

Company Status

Regulatory Approval

Bringing Pulmonary Functional Test performed at the Community - Clinics & Patients Home

TechnoPulm is shifting the Pulmonary Functional test paradigm. By using the Technopulm STS handheld device, Pulmonary Functional Tests can be performed in the community and avoid the need of sending patients to the hospital to By have respiratory disease diagnostics. Technopulm completed the product development with a successful a clinical trial on 161 subjects at Kaplan Hospital, holding granted patents in the US and Europe, completed the quality assurance system that complies with the ISO 13845 standard, and finalized the submission files to the FDA/CE. These days TechnoPulm is conducting a clinical pilot jointly with two leading HMOs in Israel to diagnose lung diseases from the community and is working to create collaborations in the United States and Europe.

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