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Belong developed a platform to help patients better managing their treatments. The Belong platform centralizes everything patients need into one place, including direct chats with world-renown professionals. Belong works as a supportive and interactive patient community, which includes personalized content and updates, and advanced clinical trials search capability through an automated matching algorithm.

Beyond Verbal is committed to identifying proprietary Vocal Biomarkers for personalized healthcare screening & monitoring based on your own voice. The Vocal Biomarker engine analyzes free speech using a proprietary speaker diarization tool to provide non-intrusive, continuous and scalable information on people health.

BioBeat develops a cutting-edge wearable monitor for continuous non-invasive accurate medical-grade monitoring of vital signs, including continuous blood pressure, saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate, consciousness, cardiac output, stroke volume, body temperature, steps, sweat and more.

Health systems are generally cumbersome and inefficient. Blossom is a smart platform that easily enable medical centers to increase efficiency and accuracy. Blossom main features are:

A 3-tier management system aimed to identify perturbations in core measures at the institutional or departmental levels and direct actions aimed to improve efficiency.

BreezoMeter, the world's leader in location-based, real-time air quality and pollen data, covers more than 5.5 billion people worldwide in more than 80 countries, improving health by providing intuitive and actionable data. 

CardiacSense is an Israeli healthcare start-up developing wearable technologies for continuous cardiac arrhythmia and non-inflating blood pressure monitoring. Behind the revolutionary combination of traditional ECG monitoring and state-of-the-art PPG technologies are the company's professionals who are leading electrophysiologists and hemodynamics physicians, alongside optics and electronics experts. 

Healthcare reforms are driving an increased focus on improving clinical outcomes by identifying high risk patients, prioritizing treatment based on patient acuity, and reducing the false alarm rate. CLEW’s solution delivers actionable predictive clinical analytics, optimized patient workflows, clinical resource allocation as well as centralized oversight and management. 

ContinUse Biometrics partners with leaders in healthcare, automotive and data analytics to bring to the market a revolutionary preventive care solution which enables users to detect deterioration in their physiological status early on.

CNOGA Medical Ltd. develops innovative, non-invasive medical devices. With the use of dedicated Singular Apps and eHealth management cloud system the data can be safely managed, analyzed and shared for better health monitoring. 

DosentRx® enables every patient to achieve the maximal outcome from medication treatment. DosentRx safely tracks patient drug from the pharmacy; dispenses it directly into the patients mouth while engaging with the patient through our Dose-E intelligent cloud-based platform. 

CyberMDX is a pioneer in medical cybersecurity. With IoMT technology that delivers visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical assets, our solution identifies and protects connected devices to ensure their resiliency and patient and data safety.

The growing number of connected medical devices in hospital networks has introduced a new breed of threats that healthcare organizations cannot address with IT cybersecurity solutions. 

DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO) is a leading global digital health company serving its users with dynamic mobile health solutions. In today's day and age, knowledge of health and treatment is being democratized, and we believe people deserve to know everything about their own health and have the best tools to manage their condition. 

EchoCare develops non-wearable/non-intrusive, elderly care, home monitoring systems based on human radar technology.  The ECHO system is a connected smart home device that automatically detects and alerts on emergency and abnormal situations at home. 

G-Med is the largest Global Online Medical Community for more than 850,000 physicians, from 120 countries and 100 specialties. Our platform allows a trusted online arena for global medical crowdsourcing. We believe that online global collaboration between physicians can: improve and shorten diagnostics, increase knowledge and practice methods, improve clinical trials.

Healthymize is the winner of Henry Ford Health System’s “Increasing Patient and Caregiver Engagement to Reduce Readmission” Challenge. Healthymize provides personalized, artificial intelligence (AI) based, voice monitoring that turns smart devices into remote patient monitoring devices for voice-affecting diseases such as COPD, asthma and pneumonia.

LogiTag develops end-to-end solutions that autonomously manages inventory, connects hospitals to vendors for 100% consignment and enables quicker insurance reimbursement while better serve patients. Always on top of breakthroughs, we are adopting OCR and Image Recognition technologies to improve Charge Capture of each product. 

Medial EarlySign creates AI-powered software solutions that give health professionals robust risk predictors to enhance care management opportunities. We help providers identify patients
with life-altering medical conditions as early as possible by extracting insights from existing, routine medical data.

Medorion is developing a patient engagement platform to help managed care organizations to efficiently carry-out digital persuasion campaigns. The platform uses behavioral based rules and AI to predict the best persuasion strategy for each member/patient based on their clinical/claims history and executes this strategy through various digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, and more.

MilagroAI is a real-time healthcare analytics platform uniquely able to create and support an unlimited number of predictive and surveillance models, with out of the box solutions for hospital-wide surveillance for hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and predictive algorithms for HAIs and 30-day readmissions.

The A-Spire, an innovative device and technology for pulmonary function testing and monitoring. Our hand-held device connected to your smartphone enables an effortless lung function test that can be done with no patient collaboration and without any need for testing proficiency. 

Novotalk is an online, on-demand, self-directed digital therapy solution, which allows those with speech impairments to learn, practice and maintain comprehensible speech remotely and independently. Dependable care at an affordable price.

The NUTRICCO platform improves peoples’ lives by keeping patients on track with their medications and nutraceuticals, providing peace of mind for them and their loved ones.

The Owlytics system is a comprehensive solution aimed at providing seniors with safety, independence and better health. Designed to continuously and automatically detect falls, assess fall risk and provide early warning of potential health problems, it delivers actionable outcomes that help provide better senior care while reducing cost. 

Oxitone is a B2B2C medical device and digital health company in initial revenue stage, pioneering Digital Continuous Care by offering the world’s first FDA-cleared Wrist-Sensor Pulse Ox monitor and AI-based clinician’s SaaS platform.

PillTracker helps the right patient take the right pill at the right time. We track high-value drugs in the hands of patients in clinical trials, and for commercial, branded therapies. Medication-use is monitored on a continuous basis in the hands of users, and delivered to caregivers in near-real time.

UPRIGHT GO is a wearable device that trains you to improve your posture by gently vibrating every time you slouch. The UPRIGHT GO attaches to your upper back and gives you real-time posture feedback, reminding you to stay upright when you slouch. 

Walabot HOME is a network solution for health monitoring and emergency alerts. 

 Created by Vayyar Imaging, the global leader for 3D imaging and sensing technology, Walabot HOME helps seniors who want to age in place and maintain privacy and dignity in their home. 

VRHealth is a healthcare technology company that helps clinicians better manage their patients’ care via specialized virtual reality (VR) technology solutions and data analysis.

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