Beyond Verbal is committed to identifying proprietary Vocal Biomarkers for personalized healthcare screening & monitoring based on your own voice. The Vocal Biomarker engine analyzes free speech using a proprietary speaker diarization tool to provide non-intrusive, continuous and scalable information on people health.

BioBeat develops a cutting-edge wearable monitor for continuous non-invasive accurate medical-grade monitoring of vital signs, including continuous blood pressure, saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate, consciousness, cardiac output, stroke volume, body temperature, steps, sweat and more.

CardiacSense is an Israeli healthcare start-up developing wearable technologies for continuous cardiac arrhythmia and non-inflating blood pressure monitoring. Behind the revolutionary combination of traditional ECG monitoring and state-of-the-art PPG technologies are the company's professionals who are leading electrophysiologists and hemodynamics physicians, alongside optics and electronics experts. 

ContinUse Biometrics partners with leaders in healthcare, automotive and data analytics to bring to the market a revolutionary preventive care solution which enables users to detect deterioration in their physiological status early on.

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