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Mobile Healthcare mission is to improve the quality of life and care of patients worldwide through communities, technology, data, and AI. We build world-leading patient communities uniquely empowered with access to professionals and care management solutions. Belong is the only one that connects patients, professionals, and care management solutions in one, easy-to-use, all-inclusive platform.

CommuniTake Technologies

CommuniTake Technologies

The CommuniTake IntactMed device is the most adequate, secure, and practical handset to connect your medical kits. The purpose-built IntactMed handset provides an unprecedented value proposition to driving your connected-care operation, including: 

  1. Improved operational efficiencies.

  2. OS-fused cyber defense against cybercrime.

  3. Quick, low-cost deployment and onboarding, including case-specific features.

  4. A controlled device life cycle.

  5. Targeted, effective, distraction-free user experience by the medical use case.

  6. Global availability with minimal SKUs.

  7. Infused Mobile Device Management delivers granular visibility and use policies. 

Move your connected care solution to the next level with the IntactMed device.



As the pioneer in remote patient management Commwell has taken its 35+ years of experience working with physicians and their patients remotely and developed a holistic constellation of products. Health eCare is the only remote patient management platform of its kind that enables complete customization and personalization in accordance with the needs of the customer. The platform records and manages essential patient conditions according to clinical protocols and integrates with the Commwell proprietary measuring solutions along with third party diagnostic devices. Physioglove is the only 12 lead ECG device for self-use by patients at home. Sentinel is a 2-channel wearable continuous 3-in-1 arrythmia monitor: Event, Telemetry and Holter.

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