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From intelligent, voice-driven calling assistant to smart patient interactions recording, AudioCodes offers modern, enterprise-class Actionable Voice.AI solutions tailored for the healthcare space that elevate customer service, reduce operating costs and boost patient communications.

CyberMDX's product protects Medical Devices and clinical networks, supporting hospitals IT challenges and workflow, by eliminating potential risks associated with patient’s safety and life-threatening activity; financial losses; and reputational damages.

Cynerio secures healthcare provider's weakest link - connected medical devices & their clinical ecosystem by using industry's first & only technology combining device behavior learning with medical workflow analysis to ensure patient safety and data protection.

MDClone introduces patented technology for longitudinal data representation and synthetic data generation, liberating data in real-time - for any question and any user with zero-risk to patient privacy - to transform healthcare.

MedAware is an AI application that uses electronic health data and machine learning algorithms to detect catastrophic medication errors with an unprecedented accuracy rate and save millions of lives.

Medial EarlySign develops machine learning tools for data-driven medicine, transforming massive data for value-based care. We empower healthcare organizations to predict illness in time to make a difference for patients.

provides the industry’s first dedicated Medical Device Security Platform for healthcare providers. Medigate fuses the knowledge of medical workflow, device identity and dedicated protocols with today’s cybersecurity threats.

Dynamic patient online scheduling designed for hospitals and clinics.
Odoro SchedLogic™ replicates healthcare organizations’ existing scheduling flow within a self-scheduling solution. This optimizes patient provider matching and organization efficiency without sacrificing control.

PillTracker helps the right patient take the right pill at the right time. We offer pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers a cost-effective, turnkey platform for medication compliance.

RMDYHealth (formerly Wellness Layers) offers a cloud platform that enables healthcare stakeholders to quickly and easily create their own white-label Digital Therapeutics, Population Health and Healthcare CRM services. Clients include Medtronic, IBM, AHA and others.

Tyto Care is transforming primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers. The company seamlessly connects people to clinicians to provide the best remote telehealth examination and diagnosis solutions. 

Zebra Medical is developing a medical imaging information analysis and insights platform, which aims to help clinicians conduct innovative imaging research, precisely decipher information received from various imaging systems.

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