Health Information system

Belong developed a platform to help patients better managing their treatments. The Belong platform centralizes everything patients need into one place, including direct chats with world-renown professionals. Belong works as a supportive and interactive patient community, which includes personalized content and updates, and advanced clinical trials search capability through an automated matching algorithm.

Health systems are generally cumbersome and inefficient. Blossom is a smart platform that easily enable medical centers to increase efficiency and accuracy. Blossom main features are:

A 3-tier management system aimed to identify perturbations in core measures at the institutional or departmental levels and direct actions aimed to improve efficiency.

EchoCare develops non-wearable/non-intrusive, elderly care, home monitoring systems based on human radar technology.  The ECHO system is a connected smart home device that automatically detects and alerts on emergency and abnormal situations at home. 

G-Med is the largest Global Online Medical Community for more than 850,000 physicians, from 120 countries and 100 specialties. Our platform allows a trusted online arena for global medical crowdsourcing. We believe that online global collaboration between physicians can: improve and shorten diagnostics, increase knowledge and practice methods, improve clinical trials.

Medorion is developing a patient engagement platform to help managed care organizations to efficiently carry-out digital persuasion campaigns. The platform uses behavioral based rules and AI to predict the best persuasion strategy for each member/patient based on their clinical/claims history and executes this strategy through various digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, and more.

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