Intensive Care

Healthcare reforms are driving an increased focus on improving clinical outcomes by identifying high risk patients, prioritizing treatment based on patient acuity, and reducing the false alarm rate. CLEW’s solution delivers actionable predictive clinical analytics, optimized patient workflows, clinical resource allocation as well as centralized oversight and management. 

LogiTag develops end-to-end solutions that autonomously manages inventory, connects hospitals to vendors for 100% consignment and enables quicker insurance reimbursement while better serve patients. Always on top of breakthroughs, we are adopting OCR and Image Recognition technologies to improve Charge Capture of each product. 

MilagroAI is a real-time healthcare analytics platform uniquely able to create and support an unlimited number of predictive and surveillance models, with out of the box solutions for hospital-wide surveillance for hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and predictive algorithms for HAIs and 30-day readmissions.

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