Vital signs

Healthcare reforms are driving an increased focus on improving clinical outcomes by identifying high risk patients, prioritizing treatment based on patient acuity, and reducing the false alarm rate. CLEW’s solution delivers actionable predictive clinical analytics, optimized patient workflows, clinical resource allocation as well as centralized oversight and management. 

CNOGA Medical Ltd. develops innovative, non-invasive medical devices. With the use of dedicated Singular Apps and eHealth management cloud system the data can be safely managed, analyzed and shared for better health monitoring. 

The Owlytics system is a comprehensive solution aimed at providing seniors with safety, independence and better health. Designed to continuously and automatically detect falls, assess fall risk and provide early warning of potential health problems, it delivers actionable outcomes that help provide better senior care while reducing cost. 

Oxitone is a B2B2C medical device and digital health company in initial revenue stage, pioneering Digital Continuous Care by offering the world’s first FDA-cleared Wrist-Sensor Pulse Ox monitor and AI-based clinician’s SaaS platform.

Walabot HOME is a network solution for health monitoring and emergency alerts. 

 Created by Vayyar Imaging, the global leader for 3D imaging and sensing technology, Walabot HOME helps seniors who want to age in place and maintain privacy and dignity in their home. 

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